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Zero-day Vulnerabilities Discovered in Google Chrome! Multiple Critical Warnings Issued!

The Google Chrome team just published a warning for Windows and Mac users over a zero-day vulnerability that hackers are already exploiting. Insufficient data validation in Mojo critical CVE-2021-4098,  High CVE-2021-4099, High CVE-2021-4100, High CVE-2021-4101, High CVE-2021-4102. So far, a total of $10,000 reward was issued to two of the individuals that reported to Google. “Access to bug details and links Continue Reading

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Virtual Mate: Your Virtual Girlfriend!

As technology advances, we perceive ourselves constantly uncovering new methods for it. For quite some time, interactive dating sims have existed, allowing users to romance digital partners of their selection. However, no matter how detailed or intimate these sims may get, it does not replace the desire to truly feel physically connected. Continue Reading

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