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Newly Discovered Ghostly Circles ‘WTF’ Floating In The Universe Can`t Be Explained: Astrophysicists

Astronomers in Australia have discovered Odd Radio Circles in space. The researchers working at Western Sydney University have found four objects using images captured by the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder telescope. Anna Kapinska, who first made the discovery have nicknamed “WTF“, says that the shapes resemble circular edge-brightened discs. Using two Continue Reading

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Oxford’s Phase 2 Study Confirms COVID-19 Vaccine Strong Immune Responses

The University of Oxford verified that the Covid-19 vaccine it’s progressing with AstraZeneca Plc produced strong immune responses in older adults in an early study, with pivotal findings from the final phase of trials expected in the coming weeks. Bloomberg reports. The outcomes, announced Thursday in The Lancet medical journal, cast more light Continue Reading

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Oxford University Study: 18% COVID Patients Developed Mental Illness

The main implications of the present findings necessitate an urgent investigation. According to a new study at Oxford University, nearly 20% of patients infected with Covid-19 developed a mental illness while anxiety, depression, and insomnia were most prevalent amongst improved patients in the examination.  The researchers also found significantly higher risks of Continue Reading

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