This 3-minute single, set in the futuristic world of 3047, is a haunting and thought-provoking composition that explores the complex themes of humanity, technology, and societal division. With its slow tempo and minor key, the music creates a sense of unease and tension, reflecting the uncertain and unstable nature of the world it depicts. The low loudness of the track draws the listener in, almost like a whisper, inviting them to reflect on the deeper implications of a society where human and cyborg classes are divided. This is a piece of music that challenges our assumptions about the future and encourages us to question the direction of human progress.

African Lo-fi Temple

African Lo-fi Temple album is a mesmerizing blend of ancient Afrobeat rhythms and mellow lo-fi vibes, capturing the essence of Africa’s unique musical heritage. With 27 tracks, this album takes you on a journey through the soulful sounds of Africa, weaving a tapestry of diverse beats and textures that evoke a sense of mystery, wonder, and nostalgia. Enjoy this musical masterpiece that invites you to immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant culture of Africa.


This composition is a powerful and emotional journey that explores the difficult and universal theme of mortality. Artemis begins with a slow, mournful melody that gradually builds in intensity and complexity, creating an immersive and atmospheric soundscape that takes the listener on a journey through the universe. The music is both haunting and beautiful, with a sense of melancholy that reflects the weight of the subject matter. As the composition progresses, it becomes increasingly ethereal and otherworldly, transporting the listener to a place beyond time and space. Ultimately, this is a piece of music that confronts the profound and existential questions of life and death, and offers a powerful and cathartic experience for anyone who listens.

Night Sky Study

Indulge in a serene realm of atmospheric aural landscapes and celestial aesthetic vibrations from the Night Sky Study Album. Allow the tranquil musical arrangement composed by Emmanuel Motelin to convey you to a contemplative state as you contemplate the nocturnal firmament. Permit the ephemeral sonorities of ambient music to assuage your intellect and spirit. Ideal for rejuvenation, introspection, or simply decompressing beneath the stellar expanse.

Essential Sci-Fi

The Essential Sci-Fi album is a collection of 10 epic and unforgettable tracks that transport the listener to strange and wondrous worlds beyond our imagination. From the soaring synths and pounding beats of the opening track to the haunting melodies and atmospheric soundscapes of the closing number, this album is a journey through the very best of sci-fi music. Each track is a masterpiece in its own right, drawing inspiration from classic sci-fi films, books, and TV shows to create a unique and immersive listening experience. Whether you’re a die-hard sci-fi fan or simply love great music, this album is an essential addition to any collection. So sit back, put on your headphones, and prepare to be transported to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

Prometheus Space

Prometheus Space is a mesmerizing ambient music album that takes the listener on a journey through the depths of space. With its haunting and atmospheric soundscapes, the album is both awe-inspiring and deeply introspective, inviting the listener to contemplate the mysteries of the cosmos. Each track is a unique and immersive experience, transporting the listener to a different corner of the universe and exploring themes of wonder, discovery, and the human spirit. From the shimmering synths and ethereal vocals of the opening track to the pulsing rhythms and hypnotic melodies of the closing number, Prometheus Space is a complete and unforgettable sonic journey.

Interstellar Echoes

Interstellar Echoes (Album) is an otherworldly musical journey inspired by Amazon’s sci-fi TV show: Tales from the Loop. A mysterious machine loop echo sphere at Interstellar Echoes is shattered in a wild forest that holds the ability to detect signals from future civilizations but remains unused by humans. Explore the mysteries of the universe as you immerse yourself in the atmospheric sounds of this album, where each track represents a piece of the machine’s mysterious transmissions. Let the hypnotic echoes guide you on an epic journey through space and time.


Enhance your concentration and ingenuity with my meticulously selected playlist of calming Lo-Fi beats. Optimal for software development, academic pursuits, labor, or simply unwinding after a grueling day. Immerse yourself in the tranquil sounds and achieve greater productivity with effortless facility.

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