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Elon Musk revealed humanoid Tesla Bot, will operate on Tesla’s AI technology!

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The reality of Tesla’s exclusive infotainment system, its user experience as well as its autonomous driving features is its software. Tesla has been using automated machines in its assembly lines and artificial intelligence in its vehicles for quite some time. Tesla is working on a humanoid robot, with plans to build a working prototype next year. The AI-driven robot is named Tesla Bot and has been revealed at Tesla’s AI Day.

During the Tesla AI Day event, CEO Elon Musk revealed ‘What’s next for AI’ beyond Tesla’s fleet of vehicles. Building on the use of AI in Tesla’s vehicles, Musk said that “Tesla is arguably the biggest robotics company.” He added that the company is already working on advanced technologies that can be used to make a humanoid.


Talking more about the Tesla Bot, Musk said that the robot will be 5’8” tall, having a carrying capacity of 45 lbs, weigh at 125 lbs, will be able to deadlift 150 lbs, and walk at a speed of five miles an hour. The robot resembles a human structure very closely. It will have a screen as the face, will be made up of lightweight materials and has ‘human-level hands’. Besides, there will be 40 electromechanical actuators fit all across the body of the Tesla bot, including 12 in arms, 12 in legs, and more.

As far as AI is concerned, Tesla will implement a multi-cam video neural network in the Tesla Bot, with autopilot cameras, PSD computer, Dojo training, and other intelligent computational systems as well. During the event, Elon Musk also highlighted that the Tesla Bot will be built on a “mechanical level” so that “you can run away from it, and most likely overpower it.” The Tesla CEO also said that the Tesla Robot prototype will be available “sometime next year.”

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