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Planning to Start Your Business? Going to University Might Not Be The Best Choice! Here`s why

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Self-education is very essential. You can learn anything that you would like all on the internet, seminars, private classes you name it. The moment you leave college isn’t when you stop learning. You should continue to educate yourself and learn new things. My personal favorite is starting a business. I have gone to post-secondary but what I am about to elaborate on maybe a risky alternative, especially starting with nothing as a young adult. It will be very hard especially with limited capital. Entrepreneurs take risks on a regular basis, no matter how great or diminutive they may be. 

Depending on your business, you will need capital. I still recommend going to college and starting a business as a side hustle. Find people that are interested in joining your team to create your product or service. Having partners and a team will allow you to do your work more efficiently, faster, and you may not need much capital to start. You won’t need to hire somebody, you will have your friends work with you and earn themselves equity. Then you can present your business to a crowdfunding service like Wefunder and receive cash to grow your company. You can use this link. Founders save $2500 and I also get $2500. Sweet deal right? Wefunder files a legally mandated “Form C” with the S.E.C. which authorizes them to launch their regulation crowdfunding campaign.


This is risky, but you can hit a fortune

Many majors will not result in stable income and the job market may not be reliable in the future beyond 2021. On top of that, you will have to deal with debt. Do what is best for you not what society makes it seem. You will have to do more research, but the university is not your only option. This does not mean that you should not consider university.

“Don’t confuse schooling with education. I didn’t go to Harvard, but the people who work for me did” – Elon Musk

If you don’t go to university, it will feel like the world hates you even your friends might hate you for not following the norms. All your friends, family, strangers may tell you your goals are unrealistic but are they living your life? No. So don’t spend a second taking their bitter rudeness. Go ahead and solve the problem this society currently faces and you may just hit a fortune. Good luck!

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