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The Irreversible Nature of Time

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It’s just a portion of the event.
A moment you underwent.
A concept created for only you to possess.
A concept for you to savor that no one else will ever enjoy the same way you did.
It’s just a piece of time.
A place of achievement.
A place of success.
You’ll look back in fondness of this moment but that exact moment will never happen again.
It’s just a piece of time.
Shared with billions of people all over the world at the same moment.
Then it’s gone, no one thinking twice.
It’s just a piece of time.
All the grief you encounter.
The heartache, the hurt.
The sorrows that burden you.
It’s just a piece of time.

Growing up is hard. Being an adult is hard because it’s still growing up. If we never grew up with all our life experiences, we would never grow or learn. If we did not have these synchronized pieces of time we would not know how to accept the challenges of life, or how to embrace them and grow.
When I was in high school I thought of so many things that I disagree with now. I thought subconsciously.. that people were just successful, that business owners were snobby and rich.


Considering I’ve learned many new things, the challenging one was entrepreneurship. I’ve found out that individuals maintaining businesses are very hard working with a great deal of sacrifice. Presently in my early 20s, I am realizing that people of all different walks of life can make up the world. I read love is very very tricky. Love can come and go in many different forms, from friends to lovers to mentors. I learned you can make your own way if you so choose. I learned that people respect and appreciate hard-working people.

There was a reflection on my childhood, how to do some things the same, and how to do some things differently. Those pieces of time have become more cherishable to me than I ever knew was possible. Now I learn so many new things watching my small humans grow and learn and change with the ever-turning world we embrace.

We as humans learn how to grow, heal, overcome, and thrive. Being someone who isn’t quite mid-aged but on the brink, I’ve learned to appreciate each piece of time as it comes. Different careers, life choices, and circumstances.. all evolve to the greater human need and play into our life here on earth. Always learning and teaching a new generation.
It’s just a piece of time. A small moment held in eternity. A reflection of what we have accomplished or not. A consistent gaze of what could be with each decision made. We can never go backward (until the time machine becomes efficient) so each choice in each piece of time should be held in high regard. To help us prevent regret and also to allow more joy into our small space we inhabit in history.

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What are you going to do with the time you’ve been given?

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