How To Download Paid Apps for Free on Android Devices

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You will find millions of applications on the Google Play Store in which most are free but some are paid. Paid Applications provide you an ad-free platform and better user experience. To Download Paid apps you have to spend plenty of money, In this article, you will understand how to download paid Apps for free on Android Mobile but at the cost of your privacy.

It’s worth noting that if something wrong happens with your device then I and or this website is not responsible, this tutorial is only for educational purposes.


How to Download Paid Apps For Free On Android

Here I am going to share some methods to download the paid app on Android without paying money. Before going ahead please be aware, you can’t download every Pro or Paid App for free.

You only can download them but you can’t install and use them because some apps are introduced with license verification, in simple words you have to purchase these types of applications to install on your device. In this article, I have explained how you should use these types of apps and the installation process.


To install apps from the third-party store you have to Turn on the Unknown Source feature which allows you to download apps from other sources. Android only wants you to download apps from the Google Play Store because it’s a secure and trustworthy and Google-owned platform. You can enable unknown sources by going to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources.

Apps which help to Download Paid Apps for Free

Google Opinion Rewards — Official Google App Here you have to complete serves then you get Reward credit which can be redeemed to buy Paid Apps.

Aptoid — It stores a lot of paid apps for free to use It has around 150 million users and 3 billion downloads.

Blackmart Alpha — It’s another platform where you can download paid apps for free it contains multiple versions of an App.

4Shared — It is an Online file sharing and Storage platform it contains Apps, windows software, videos, photos, pdf file, etc. 4shared is available on Google Play Store.

1) Google Opinion Rewards

It’s a genuine way to Download Paid Apps for Free, Google Opinion Rewards is a Survey Mobile App for Android and iOS created by Google. It allows you to answer surveys and earn reward Credit which can be redeemed by buying paid apps from Google Play Store. This App is available for download in 22 countries.

2) Aptoid

It’s a platform where you can download a lot of Paid apps for free. Aptoid is an alternative marketplace for mobile applications. To install Aptoid, you have to go to its official site, You can not Install this app via Google Play Store because it violates Google Play Store Police.

Aptoid contains a lot of Paid Apps for Free Download and its interface is almost similar to the Google Play Store. Download any app you have to type the name and click on enter after that a lot of similar apps will be in front of you then, you have to select your desired application.

Aptoid has around 150 million users, 3 billion downloads, and almost 700,000 Apps, Along with it, You have the opportunity to create and share your own store. Nowadays Aptoid is one of the leading players in the Apps word. If you want to update the Installed app then you can do it with Aptoid.

Quick Steps

  1. Download Aptoid
  2. Install and open it
  3. Search your desired App on the search bar
  4. Select the right App By using a little bit of mind
  5. Click on Install Button
  6. Check on Google Play Store for self-satisfaction.
  7. Uninstall Aptoid From your Mobile (Recommended)

3) Blackmart Alpha

It’s another good way to Download Paid Apps for Free you can download many paid apps with it and you don’t need any kind of registration. To use Blackmart you have to just install in your mobile.

Blackmart Alpha provides you with every kind of apps which is not available on the Google Play Store. Along with it Blackmart Alpha also offers you multiple versions of an app in case a selected version is not working on your device then you can try another version of that particular App.

This feature will be very helpful for those who have an old Android Version or their device is not compatible with the selected version of an App.

The owner of Blackmar Alpha says it’s an alternative to Google Play Store and it is suitable for every user of every country. In Blackmart Alpha you choose Applications browsing by category or searching for a specific department.

Features of Blackmart Alpha

  • Easy to use
  • Multi-language selection for global user experience
  • Free of cost, You don’t need to pay anything to download Apps
  • Fast Downloading Speed and Installation of Application
  • Full version Downloadable of any App.
  • Update your Installed App.

Quick Steps to Use Blackmart Alpha

  1. Download Blackmart Alpha By Clicking Here
  2. Search your Desired Application
  3. Install it by selecting App Version
  4. Check on Google Play Store for self-satisfaction
  5. Uninstall Blackmart Alpha from your device (Recommended)

4) 4Shared

This is also a Genuine way to Download Paid Apps for Free, Yes you can Download it From Google Play Store because it does not promote piracy in general. 4Shared not only for apps downloading, but it also hosts windows software, pictures, videos, music, ebooks, pdf file, and a lot of stuff.

Anyone can upload the file on 4Shared for this you have to create an Account then whatever you store that will be available for all 4Shared users.

4Shared is a free file sharing and storage tool you can use it on your Desktop. 4Shared is an innovative, high tech company it was founded in 2005, Nowadays it is too popular among online users. 4Shared says The main principle of our business is to completely satisfy the needs of users for all their data sharing and storing. All of our services are user-friendly, innovative, and intuitive.

Features of 4Shared

  • Easy to use
  • Desktop Version is also available
  • Fast downloading speed
  • Free file and Data storage option
  • It contains all types of Files like Apps, Softwares, videos, photos, documents For All internet users.
  • Available on Google Play Store

Quick Steps To Use

  1. Download 4Shared App From Google Play Store
  2. Create a 4Shared Account with your Facebook Account or Email ID
  3. Search whatever you want to download in the search box
  4. Download or Install

Before you go

I hope you have learned how to download Paid Apps for Free, but always remember every good product was developed with heart, downloading apps from third-party sources is not a recommended habit because it costs your privacy, if a product is that valuable to you, please return the favors to the publisher by purchasing the product.

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