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Ways to Advance Your E-Commerce Strategy in Time for Black Friday

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Unfortunately, 2020’s holiday shopping season may look very distinctive from past years. This year 70 percent of consumers say that they’re not planning on returning to physical shops for the foreseeable future. 

Pre-Christmas sale season has long been a crucial time for all types of businesses whether small or big. But this year, there’s more riding on getting your strategy right than ever before. Thankfully, customers are likely to be engaging with Black Friday more than ever this year online. With the financial turmoil and uncertainty, we’ve all been through in 2020, making the most of available discounts is a must.


So, whether you’re selling tech equipment, beauty products, dresses, or pretty much any range of products this Black Friday, it’s time to perfect your e-commerce strategy. Capitalize on the annual event as much as possible!

Here are my expert tips:

Put all your efforts online

It simply cannot be stressed enough. Even before the pandemic struck and pretty much everything moved online, e-commerce was taking over from the in-person shopping experience. Since the beginning of the pandemic, online shopping spend has increased by 59 percent compared to this time last year. If this trend is anything to go by, this year’s Black Friday could break e-commerce records.

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Email marketing Apps

On the run-up to the Black Friday weekend, your email marketing is a crucial tool. Through email marketing, you can make sure that your customers are always in the loop with your offers. As many shoppers start bookmarking Black Friday deals as early on as October, it’s never too early to start pushing out your offers via email.

Try an automation tool to stand out

Ensure that your ads are seen by as many people within your target audience as possible (at the prime time) by using a data feed automation tool such as Channel or Funnel. Data automation tools will give you an edge and ensure that your ads don’t go unnoticed by a crucial customer.

Referral program

The majority of consumers put a lot of faith in recommendations — they are undoubtedly one of the most trusted forms of advertising at your disposal. By setting up a referral program, you’ll be driving brand loyalty before you know it.

Flash sale

Nothing creates pre-Black Friday excitement and anticipation quite like a flash sale. By flash sale, we mean a short-term promotion period that takes place before the big Black Friday weekend—whether it be a few hours or a few days before the event.

Studies have shown that flash sales can increase conversion rates by up to 50 percent, so it’s definitely worth giving this method a go!

Social media promotion

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This is very important! If you’re not already boosting your Black Friday promotions on social media, then start now! Your social media strategy is key during sales season, and with so many other Black Friday promotions out there, you need to create some social media posts that really stand out against the noise.

Add a countdown timer

On Black Friday, customer indecision can all too often be your downfall. So it doesn’t hurt to give them a nudge in the right direction! Studies have found that 94 percent of online consumers take the time to find the cheapest version of the product they’re looking for. This practice can add an additional 30 minutes of comparison shopping onto the transaction before the customer comes to a final decision. If you add countdown timers to your products, you’re encouraging your customer to speed up the process and close the sale then and there.

With a sophisticated strategy in place, there are no limits to your Black Friday success. Customers deserve to enjoy some great discounts more than ever this year, so it’s up to you to deliver that much-needed online retail therapy!

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