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Imagine A World With Robot Workers: Short Cyberpunk Film

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Welcome to the future. Manual labor is passed on to the machines with brains. The modern-day worker now has to upgrade their knowledge to understand and maintain the robots. The outcome of work is done with fewer mistakes and more uniformity. Birchpunk brings this to light! But its twisted.

What does this mean for the workers in society? Well, like anything in life, people have to adapt. Human beings are very intelligent. Further education has to be implemented, and workers can earn a higher wage.


The upside to the transition of robots and machines performing more duties in the workplace are: money being saved on labor, around the clock productivity, and less physical strain on human beings. When dealing with robots, you have to look at the other side of the equation. Robots cannot just perform autonomously without human interaction. The robotics industry will open up new hi-tech jobs that will pay more money than manual labor.

Did the calculator make the accountant disappear? Did the Television destroy the radio business? The answer is no. As man furthers his journey in science, new ideas and inventions will be discovered. The human race, as usual, will keep up with the trends.

In the future, the world is going to need more computer engineers, programmers, and technicians. The education system will have to include more computer programs into the curriculum. Binary code will accompany the ABC’s and 123’s. Python will be taught alongside English and social studies in grade school.

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Robots in the workplace are the inevitable future. Think of all the advancements we will make. Now, think of the fun we will have when they become part of our home.

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