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CDI College hit by Cybersecurity incident

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A private for-profit career canadian post-secondary institution, CDI College after facing scrutiny from its outdated Microsoft Server 2016 courses has yet again come to light after it informed its students that it had suffered an incident whereby their IT systems were compromised by a third party. This cybersecurity incident has since been reported to the relevant authorities and internal investigations initiated by the institution’s cyber forensic experts. CDI college urges everyone to be alert and not divulge any important information to unknown personnel.

According to the college, “At this time, we are not aware of any misuse of personal information. However, we do encourage everyone to remain vigilant about unsolicited requests for financial or other personal information, and any unauthorized transactions.”

The institution highlights that you should check your financial accounts for any abnormalities and report them to the appropriate authority. Also, you should be careful when someone asks you for personal information or suggests that you visit or click certain web pages. It is also best that you place a fraud alert on your credit profile while taking advantage of credit monitoring services from Equifax and Transunion.


CDI has yet to announce a free credit monitoring service for its affected students. Anyone whose credit has been altered should be compensated. CDI College is dedicated to solving this cybersecurity issue and has placed measures to prevent such an occurrence ever again. It is important that if you find any information has been altered or you have received suspicious emails, you report the incident immediately to the relevant authority.

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