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Have you ever applied for an Instagram blue badge verification only to get this response?

“Your account wasn`t verified because it doesn`t meet the criteria for verification. You can submit another request in 30 days.”

If it were that easy to attain this feature, would it really mean anything? Should you ever get approved what next? You should ask yourself these questions. I think this feature is reasonable if you have something unique to offer the world outside social media, maybe you are a writer for a news media outlet or just a blogger, maybe you even make music so this may make sense to some however this process may be complicated with almost nearly a 3% chance to get that badge if you have not established your portfolio.


This is where Odysius comes into play where the company or brand claims to deliver your individual portfolio straight to Instagram`s doorstep to ensure it`s received; providing you with your own tracking code to monitor its journey. While its important to understand that this may be a risky approach if you value an option to get refunded if this turns out to be false. In most cases, you should never pay to get verified as it might be against the terms & policies, also you could get terminated but this is up to you waging these risks.

I decided to chat with Odysius support agent and asked some of the following so you don`t have to. Below is the logged conversion.


12:40 PM | Operator: Need a free evaluation to check your odds of being verified? 😀

12:40 PM | Emmanuel: Let’s do it (Automatic selected Answer)

12:40 PM | Operator: May I have your Instagram username? 

 Example: pirateslife

12:40 PM | Operator: Awesome! Now, your first name?

12:40 PM | Operator: And your email? In case we lose connection!

12:40 PM | Operator: Thanks! Lastly, was there a specific plan you were interested in?

12:41 PM | Operator: Amazing! We’ll try to get to you in a few seconds… If we don’t, you’ll receive a reply through email 📧 

 Looking forward to speaking! 

 Ready to move forward or don’t want to wait? Just pick a plan from this link (

01:06 PM | Lily from Odysius: Hi Emmanuel!

Thanks so much for reaching out! I just reviewed your request.

First of all.. Your account looks great! 💜 I absolutely love this: 

 It’s typically not hard for users with a page like yours to get verified. I think you have a very high chance if applying through Odysius!

Did you have any questions I could answer about the process?

Looking forward to your response!


01:18 PM | Emmanuel: Hi there, looking through the I noticed majority of the users only reviewed your business.

01:19 PM | Lily from Odysius: Did you have any questions I can answer for you?

01:22 PM | Emmanuel: Do you have an example of accounts that have been verified through your service? Information such as reviews posted by them directly would be essential for authenticity.

01:22 PM | Lily from Odysius: Hi Emmanuel,

While we do sign NDA’s with all of our clients to not share the fact that they were verified through us, two of our clients who have agreed to let us share their names:

Iamcoyot ( shannonjaeprior (

Let us know your thoughts?


01:25 PM | Emmanuel: Thanks for the information, I do see these accounts have a large following, can you confirm whether you have verified an account similar to my following?

⚠️ 01:27 PM | Lily from Odysius: Yes! We have verified many accounts with a smaller following 💙

Lets pause here for a second, currently at the time of writing this, only Instagram/facebook can verify your account as stated in this article not a third party! Continue reading below:

01:35 PM | Emmanuel: What are the forms of payment do you offer?

⚠️ 01:38 PM | Lily from Odysius: Hey Emmanuel,

We do not take PayPal as of now it causes to many errors on the site, and we need all payments to go through our processor for tax reasons. But we take Visa prepaid/debit/credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


While this was not my question, Lily went ahead to provide an answer that I would consider a red flag. Paypal is one of the safest methods of payment and offers a safety net in case of fraud for your online transaction which makes me question, do you need a third party to mail your portfolio? You can do this yourself or better, through a legal adviser. It would be in your best interest to reach out to a lawyer who can better advise you on the next steps. Nevertheless, I looked around on Instagram to see whether a brand name by the name “Odysius” was verified and to my surprise, I did not find any account at the time of writing this. The company has no social media outlets that would link to its website to validate its trustworthiness. The good news, this decision is up to you whether or not you want to embark on this method. At the end of the day, it seems like they are only presenting your portfolio so this risk seems minimal unless you don’t mind flashing some cash down the drain if it doesn`t work out.

I did notice the verified accounts presented by odysius are not active or either has a large following which would already increase the chance of getting that badge compared to a smaller sized account. I am sure you can find other useful ways to use your money to improve your traffic.

Security Reminder

Do not ever give out your password and make sure you enable two steps authentication on your profile. Always update your password every 3 weeks and consider using a password manager. Never-ever use the same password when creating an account on a website you assume is not safe. It’s always better to be one step ahead in case of a breach that would reveal this information. If you were mentioned in this article and believe Odysius maybe using your social media outlet to provide false information, please inform us using this form citing this article so I can update accordingly. In the meantime, if Odysius services indeed worked for you, please also inform us by filling out this form. Remember your data is very valuable so do not ever share information that would jeopardize it!

Last Updated on 01/25/2021 by Emmanuel Motelin

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