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An Epic Tour Through Cosmic Scale: Imagine A Museum of Every life form

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There is something unique about the questions that imply a possible future for other life forms. Our current existence could sit in a cosmically brief gap. The best enlightenment to art is to stroll through a museum, if you’ve ever wondered what alien life might be like, this will hopefully open your mind. Melodysheep is a filmmaker and music maker from the pacific northwest. Watch this 38 minutes video as the artist takes you on a tour of this breathtaking experience below. 

If life is common, and it repeatedly leads to intelligent forms, then we presumably live in a universe of the future of past intelligences. The Universe is 13.8 billion years old and our galaxy is almost as ancient; stars and planets have been forming for most of the past 13 billion years. “The main thing about aliens is that they are alien. They feel no responsibility for fulfilling any of your expectations.” —Robert Silverberg.View this post on Instagram


Creating a masterpiece using only imagination is something so incredible. The concept, visuals, and score by melodysheep are just too immeasurable and it just shows how far nature’s imagination might stretch. I hope the best for the production team behind “LIFE BEYOND II: The Museum of Alien Life” This perception venture gave me a glimpse into what could be out there on a whole other level.

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