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Best Inspirational Quotes by Naomi Osaka – Japanese Tennis Player

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Naomi Osaka is recognized for her multi-ethnic background and her shy, sincere personality. Amidst her diverse background and status as a Grand Slam singles champion, she is one of the most marketable women athletes in the world, here are a few quotes I love from her.

“I don’t think you can win a Grand Slam and not be confident in yourself.” – Naomi Osaka

“I’m always smiling.” – Naomi Osaka


“I think, for me, I just really want to have fun with every match that I play because tennis is a game.” – Naomi Osaka

“I can’t let myself act immature, in a way.” – Naomi Osaka“For me, as long as my family’s happy, I’m happy.” – Naomi Osaka

“The thing is, I’m used to handshakes. Every time someone comes for a hug, I’m very confused. I’m told that I give out the worst hugs, too.” – Naomi Osaka

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“It’s not necessarily the best situation for me to try to hug someone unless I really know them. And I don’t really know anybody, so.” – Naomi Osaka

“Sorry, public speaking isn’t really my strong side.” – Naomi Osaka

“I’m not really the type that spends money on myself.” – Naomi Osaka

“I can’t really act entitled.” – Naomi Osaka

“For me, grand slams are something you dream about playing as a kid.” – Naomi Osaka

“If – when someone asks me a question, if I could just focus on not joking, I think that would be great, because for some reason, I can’t.” – Naomi Osaka

“I’m just really excited every time I play a match.” – Naomi Osaka

“For me, it’s, like, no secret that Serena is my favorite.” – Naomi Osaka

“With some of the journalists, I’ve known them for years now, and I kind of consider them like my friends, so I always tend to joke around, and some people don’t get it.” – Naomi Osaka

“Oh, my God, I literally only have, like, one friend that I’m actually completely, like, myself with.” – Naomi Osaka

“I don’t know if I’m ‘normal.’ ” – Naomi Osaka

“I guess I tell jokes a lot, but I’m not really that sure because sometimes they don’t laugh, and they just stare at me like I said something insulting.” – Naomi Osaka

“Every time I have a dream, somehow I accomplish it.”- Naomi Osaka

“For me, every practice and match I’ve played, it feels like the year is short and long at the same time. I’m aware of all the work I put in.” – Naomi Osaka

“Actually, I live in FL now. But, I mean, of course I’m very honored to be playing for Japan. But my dad’s side is Haitian, so represent.” – Naomi Osaka

“I don’t think there is ever going to be another Serena Williams.” – Naomi Osaka

“Everyone around me has more confidence in me than I do in myself.” – Naomi Osaka

“In a perfect dream, things would be set exactly the way you would want them. But I think it’s more interesting that in real life, things aren’t exactly the way you planned.” – Naomi Osaka

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