Remote Jobs Without Extensive Requirements: Ideas for 2022 during Inflation!

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You may feel trapped in a boat of financial uncertainty as the dawning of 2022 is on the horizon. There’s still hope. This may even be an opportunity for you to start a new career. You can regain financial stability using one or more of these work-from-home business ideas.

Online Instructor

An online instructor doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to a college or university. Several online platforms allow you to share your knowledge with students who are eager to learn. If you’re patient, your online instructor gig can become a strong business asset.


There may be an ongoing struggle in your mind as you consider the possibility of online teaching. What can you teach? Look at it this way. You were probably working at a company for several years and would have garnered invaluable hands-on experience in your profession. That’s where you start; create an online course (or a series of online courses) where you teach in-demand skills based on your knowledge and experience.

Still having trouble pinpointing something? Grab a pen and paper and write all the things you’re good at. Are those skills something someone else would want to learn? Do some keyword research to find the answers. You’ll find the right online course idea that can lead to a work from home business.


Here are some of the platforms you can use to host and sell your online course:

  1. Udemy
  2. Teachable
  3. Skillshare
  4. Kajabi
  5. Thinkific
  6. LearnWorld

Directly Expert: Chat Support

Although there will always be a need for human customer service agents, chatbots could help fill the gap for business owners saving them money. Directly offer AI-powered solutions to help customer support leaders resolve customer issues with the right mix of automation and human support by connecting you with the fortune 500 companies on their software platforms.

Here are a few opportunities a Directly

As customers ask questions, Directly APP matches them to the right experts who get alerts on their mobile devices. Experts work together to provide help and earn rewards & reputation points for the best answers. Companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Shopify have already intergrated with Directly App.

Graphic Design Expert

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Graphic design is one of those skills that’s always in demand. Businesses and individuals always need stunning graphics for their various purposes, especially when they’re considering marketing campaigns.

You can use online freelancing platforms, such as UpWork or Fiverr to find clients or you can branch out on your own and use social media to find your target clients. If you choose to use UpWork, here’s a course that can help you find your ideal UpWork client and secure the best paying graphic jobs. You can access the course by clicking here.

Personal Branding Consultant/Strategist

The world of personal branding has become popular over the past few years. Simply put, your brand is the image you portray to the world. More people are paying keen attention to their personal brands so that they can gain access to better opportunities. If you have a knack for helping people market themselves, this may be the right work from home business idea for you. People like Naomi Garrick have capitalized on this opportunity and created a career out of being a personal branding consultant. A personal branding consultant can typically earn between $500 to $5,000 per client. However, few personal branding consultants have formal training in the field. They just know how to effectively market their brands to attract the right clients. 

Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFOs)

Small businesses often can’t afford a full-time financial officer. This has increased the need for on-demand virtual CFOs.Experienced virtual CFOs typically charge between $1,200 to $2,500 per day and carry out a wide range of functions including: 

  • Manage a bookkeeper to ensure that accurate financial records are kept and comprehensive financial reports are given.
  • Managing cash flow effectively to minimize unnecessary expenditure and capitalize on opportunities for company growth.

This role is ideal for someone with high-level finance experience and the appropriate qualifications to support that experience.

Etsy Seller

Etsy: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade

Etsy is an online marketplace that allows people skilled at making handcrafted items to sell their products. Let’s be clear. It’s going to take a lot of work and smart marketing to get your Etsy store to rake in a million dollars per year. The key is to identify your target audience and create products you know they’ll want.

Website Designer & Developer

Image courtesy of Canva

More people are working from home now than ever before. There has also been an increase in the number of unemployed people. Those who are working from home are tapping into whatever work from home business ideas they can come up with in their spare time since their full-time income may have been reduced. The unemployed are looking for ways to brand themselves and capitalize on potentially lucrative work from home business ideas.

Websites are the online storefronts for these new business owners. If you’re a skilled website designer and website developer, you can create a lucrative business creating these websites. You could earn approximately $100 to $180 per hour using your website design and website development skills to give these business owners the websites they need.

Resumé and CV Expert

Many people have been left in a pickle. They have amassed a lot of experience over the years but becoming unemployed has forced them to rethink their career options. That’s where you come in as a resumé and CV expert. Your job is to provide career guidance and revamp your client’s resumé and CV to suit the new career path.

This is a good work from home business option for someone with HR experience. You could potentially earn $4,000 per month if you market yourself effectively.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Marketing has been mentioned a lot in this article. There is always a need for a marketing professional in any business venture. After all, marketing is what helps work from home business ideas thrive. That’s why a digital marketing consultancy firm is a great work from home business idea.

Heres the challenge though. There are thousands of people online who claim to be digital marketing experts. Your task is determining how you can leverage your experience in the marketing world to sell your services as a digital marketing consultant. Do this well and you could create a digital marketing consultancy firm that grows into millions of dollars in revenue annually.

Blockchain Consultant

Cryptocurrency has increased in popularity over the past five years. Investors in cryptocurrencies are searching for blockchain experts who can help them make the best possible investment decisions. That’s your role as a blockchain consultant. You can earn even more money if you work both as a blockchain consultant and a blockchain developer since the latter earns roughly $150,000 per year.

Business Analyst

Businesses are crying out for support to prevent them from going under. Your role as a business analyst is to identify the unique challenges a business faces and present possible opportunities and solutions. This is a great opportunity for someone who has an extensive business career, strong analytical skills and good people skills. If that sounds like you, the possibility exists and for you to earn an average of $68,000 per year.


Courtesy of Canva

Learning has moved from face-to-face instruction to an online learning environment. This has caused a learning gap with many students being left behind. You can create a tutoring business that addresses this gap by providing highly personalized tutoring services for children who’ve been at the most disadvantage due to the switch to online learning. These students are primarily in minority groups and often don’t have access to a reliable internet connection.

There could also be an online component which caters to students who’re being left behind but have a reliable internet connection. Mix it up so that you cater to a broad audience and give your work from home business the longevity it needs to last beyond the pandemic.

Video Editor

YouTube viewership spiked at the height of the pandemic. There are a lot more people trying to build YouTube vlog and DIY channels and they need your help to professionally edit their amateurly shot videos! You can earn about $50 per hour based on your experience level and the quality product you can provide.

Virtual Personal Trainer

Gyms have been struggling with coronavirus restrictions. While we await a vaccine, some avid gym-goers prefer to workout from home. The work from home reality has also encouraged those now living a sedentary life to explore virtual workout options. It’s, therefore, no surprise that there has been explosive demand for home workout devices with at-home training sessions such as the Mirror and Peloton.

Here’s what you can offer as a virtual personal trainer that’s different – a truly personalized at-home workout experience. If you’re a certified personal trainer, you can create unique workout plans for each client and arrange virtual classes weekly to work through those plans. You can get your personal trainer certification from the American Council of Exercise if you don’t already have it.

Work from home tips and tricks

  • Have a dedicated workspace void of distractions.
  • Invest in accounting software so that you can effectively manage cash flow, track your expenses and keep up with tax payments.
  • Keep your business finances separate from your finances.
  • Have set times for work so that you don’t encroach on family time.
  • Outsource what you can’t do yourself.


These work from home business ideas provide a great solution to your new employment reality. They require very little capital to start and have the potential to last long after the pandemic has ended. Your success ultimately depends on your ability to avoid these seven common mistakes made by first-time entrepreneurs. The ball is in your court. Which work from home business idea will you try today?

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